After was a fitness goal, once I got myself a healthier relationship with food. 

Before was me for over a decade, each year getting bigger.



About Me

What happened in between was something I wanted to learn about, as to how and why, because one day I called it quits on being overweight. I dropped from 108kg to 78kg, but in a very unhealthy way. I just didn’t eat. I had no idea what I was doing other than, 'If I don’t eat, I can’t put on any weight'.

This was not sustainable, so I sought help from a nutritionist. They taught me what I had done, what I needed to do, and how to do it myself correctly.

The power of help.
It’s amazing -- when it comes to your health, you realise you have nothing without it. After this, I also got help from another coach, who took me on my training journey.

After walking the walk, I now know what it’s like -- how hard it is to start and how hard to do, because it’s easy just staying the same. Although it’s a very simple process, I found how hard it is to grasp and get into that frame of mind -- that zone -- and to get it done. But when it’s done, it's so worth it. Now my passion is to talk that walk and to pursue nutrition and coaching as a career.

We can cut through all the fad diets, pill diets, juice cleansers, shake replacement meals, detoxes and all the other nonsense that “influencers” and career supplement sellers push, along with the ridiculous hundred exercises a week & over-loaded cardio.

You can eat the foods you want, without guilt. Stop starving or feeling like you’re missing out and just enjoy life, without spending what seems like all day on a stair walker doing kickbacks.

Eat carbs, eat after 6.00pm  and avoid having to eat in some magical way or prep for fasting windows.

Let's call out the nonsense and help you with your journey. I’ve been there and I've left it behind, but I learnt how and why. Too many lose weight, confuse correlation with causation and start giving out wrong advice, just because they did it. I did it and learnt how. There’s a difference.
My journey started in 2012, and now with my team behind me (yes I still hire help) I’m ready to help others. The secret to my success will be your success. The power of help -- try it. Discovery calls are an opportunity for us to have a chat about your situation and see if i can help. No obligation. No charge.

Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nutritionist +/Sports Nutrition.